Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Day!

My day went perfectly fiiiiiine! I woke up from a refreshing loooong sleep, attended my nephew's Christening,  ate a LOT at the reception, and then my favorite song played, I amused my family by being silly in front of them and I wasn't socially awkward the whole time! I guess my outfit gave me self-confidence! At first, I was a bit conscious thinking that I look fat but eventually, I just thought that I rocked it! Hahahaha. But! What made my day most of all was that....*drum roll please* my favorite blogger, DANI BARRETTO RETWEETED ME! Omfg! I began screaming and freaking out around the house and went outside to tell my father the good news! Everybody started to think I'm going crazy! Ahaha! But who in the right mind wouldn't freak out if their favorite blogger just noticed them??

Okay, so here are today's pics!
(didn't have photos of the Christening and the after party)

Earlier with @helloitsjoana <3 (Taken with Instagram)
Before attending Baby Bryce's Christening!

Hi Elijah! (Taken with Instagram)
..and with Elijah!

Happy kid!!!

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