Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Post

I haven't been blogging for over a month and maybe it's all because of all the school works and my busy schedule. I'm tired all the time and I mean both physically and mentally. I am so tired of everything. I am tired of going to school early and doing the same routine every single day. I know I shouldn't complain but people in my age surely feel the same way as I do unless you're a school-a-holic type of person or like those people who devote most of their time studying and trying to excel in everything. I wish I could have some free time, chill around and relax for quite some time and forget all the worries away. The worries about school, about being not good enough, what people think of me, about college entrance tests, deciding where to college and of my parents not being disappointed to me and so on.

Last week was the end of our Semestral break and I spent my break with fam (as usual!) in Manila (cause I did a lot of shopping there bhahaha), Singapore and Malaysia. Well, of course, I was glad about it cause I've got to travel. But I've been in Singapore twice and now it'd been thrice. Malaysia was a good choice too but it was much like the Philippines. Good thing we visited Resorts World Genting in Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The experience was fun but I have to admit that I like the Singapore Universal Studios better when I visited there last year. I know you're starting to imagine the theme park in your minds right now so wait for my next post!

Another thing I was going to talk about was the Intramurals. We landed 4th place in our cheer dance competition and being a senior, we must have been at least in the top three. Everybody told us that we did well and as a matter of fact, we had strong audience impact. We couldn't get over it that it was the talk of our classroom these days. But there was a good side on it. If we had won, then we would still think that it's all fucking alright to cram and wait for the competition to do our best and finalize everything in just a snap of a finger. We all know that doesn't happen overnight. So right now, we are starting on our verse choir competition to be presented on early February and it would be surely about intrams as the climax and doing our best and achieving victory. Hell yeah, we have to win this! We've always been second place but I believe, and strongly agree to what our adviser said, that if we really work together, we could bring home the bacon.

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