Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As you can see, I now rarely update this blog since I have a very hectic schedule. Actually, I am getting sick of this blog and think that my posts are somehow childish and to think even worse, crappy. I'm blogging more and active on my tumblr since it's connected w my Instagram which makes everything easier. So, if you happen to drop by this blog, you can scroll down, read my posts and you may try checking out my tumblr because I pour my heart out there. Idk why but Tumblr is really the ultimate blogging platform for me. Im not saying that I dont like Blogger because of course, I do. It's just that here in Blogger, you really must have a camera which surprisingly, I don't have. All I have is my iPhone and there I play w my so-called photographic skills. One day maybe if I get all the stuffs needed to be a professional blogger in handy, I will update more on this blog. But for now, since I'm a stressed-out teenager who's currently trying to work things out in her life especially where to go for college, I'll be posting more on Tumblr, the easiest way to blog.

I'm not giving up this blog. I've had a hard time trying things out just to create this for my thoughts to be fully expressed. I love it so much that I choose to blog at midnight and procrastinate later early in the morning for the second day of my finals tomorrow. I mean, later! Haha, anyway, I have really a lot of things to say, it's just that, I lack time. Hopefully, next week would be a lighter week. This week is a hell one.

I have realized that I like my blog(s) to have more text posts rather than just a photo blog. I enjoy photo blogs but I like looking at blogs which has something to read because I just find it freaking interesting. Photo blogs work more on professional bloggers/fashion bloggers which I dream of becoming someday. But when I become that someday, I will not just post stuffs all fashion related. I will still think of it as my online diary/journal which I've always loved doing.

Meanwhile, I'll go back studying and read 20 damn chapters for my exam later and try to understand Math and all that. Thanks for reading! x

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